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Checking for non-ASCII codes

I wanted a simple PHP routine for detecting non-ASCII codes in strings. They are the ones that need some kind of special treatment to appear on web sites. Maybe they can be processed as UTF-8 or maybe they are best turned into HTML elements. On the web, I found a routine for removing non-ASCII characters by a guy called Vivek:

function removeNonAscii($string) {
   return preg_replace('/[^x00-x7f]/','',$string);

Well, that gives the logic required, so we can detect non-ASCII with a rather similar function:

function containsNonAscii($string) {
    return $string == preg_replace('/[^x00-x7f]/','',$string) ? false : true;

#128006 • 03/26/2009 9:50pm by Martin Brampton • Vote: Up votes (912) Down votes (534)

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